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Starting episode : 8.3 – Payon Remodelling
Pre-Renewal game mecanism
Low rates : 15 / 15 / 10


[Episode 8.3] – Opening

13/11/2021 – 14:00 UTC


The server start on Episode 8.3 including the following previous episodes :

  • Episode 1 – Starting pack with following cities : Alberta, Al De Baran, Geffen, Morroc, Prontera, Payon
  • Episode 2 – Lutie
  • Episode 3 – Comodo
  • Episode 4 – War of Emperium & Turtle Island
  • Episode 5 – Yuno
  • Episode 6 – Amatsu, Gonryun, Marriage and Super Novice
  • Episode 7 – Umbala, jobs 2-1 & 2-2
  • Episode 8 – Niflheim, Louyang, Jawai, Ayothaya and Payon remodelling

Christmas is coming <3



With the 1st December, some features are added to the server :
– Maps of following towns will evolve to the Christmas spirit (Alberta, Aldebaran, Geffen, Izlude, Prontera, Lutie
– Most fields textures will also changed to match the winter season
– Every day, you will be able to do a quest to open your daily advent calendar
– A quest will be available in Prontera to obtain a Christmas’s costume hat
– In each town, Antonio and Crystal will spawn regularly. It’s time to get free CP and gifts by tracking them.
– Personalized events will be organized for you

[Episode 10.3] – Rebirth, Geffenia, Einbroch and more…

Release date to be decided by player’s vote

This release will include all the 2005 updates of Ragnarok :

  • Episode 9.0 – Rebirth
  • Episode 10.1.1 – Geffenia Dungeon
  • Episode 10.1.2 – Einbroch
  • Episode 10.2 – Lightazen
  • Episode 10.3
    • Nogalth region (hu_fild01, hu_fild04, hu_fild05)
    • New jobs : Taekwon, Taekwon master, Soul Linker
    • New dungeon : Abyss Lake & Thanatos Tower

Next release content coming soon

A cycle of release is planned but can be changed considering the progress of the players.
Every next release changelog will come at least 15 days after the previous game update.

Stay tuned, the list can grow !!


Discover a condensate of the amazing features related to Ragnarok Inception Server

Low rates

Base : 15 – Job : 15
Card : 10
MVP Card : 1
Quest : 5


Regulars and custom
events handmade by
our team

No Pay To Win

Cash shop only contains
items as costume or

Follow the story

Re-discover the world
of your favorite game
following its story


Enjoy your look
700 colors palette
and 80 hair style

War of Emperium

Fight together to conquer
the Geffen castle n°3
and win its treasure box


Vote system integrated
in-game. Decide with us
the future of this server

Never Wipe

Politic of the server
is to never wipe
all your investment

Ro Discord

between Discord and
in-game channel