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Card Remover

Location : Prontera - /navi prt_in 28/73

Effect : Remove all the card of choosen item It can't fail

Price : 10m zenys

Private DB Room

Location : /navi prontera 148/174

Description: You get rent a private room for you, your party or your guild to use your dead branch inside There is no summoner NPC, you have to use your own items

Price : Free

Punching Bag

Location : /navi prontera 216/79

Description: Check your damage on 3 different monsters or an Emperium (ID:1288)

DPS METER MDEF (Blue) : 75 MDEF - 100 int

DPS METER DEF (Red) : 75 DEF - 100 vit

DPS METER (White) : 1 DEF - 1 MDEF

Additionally there is an Emperium in the centre of the GvG Arena to test the DPS under WoE conditions with debuffs like Quagmire or Slow Grace.

Reset NPC

Location : /navi prontera 150/193

Delay : 0 minute After using reset, you can reset for free during 15 minutes

Effect : Reset skill, reset stats or both

Price depends on base level :

  • < 20 : Free
  • 50 - 59 : BaseLevel*BaseLevel*5
  • 60 - 89 : BaseLevel*BaseLevel*10
  • > 90 : BaseLevel*BaseLevel*75
  • After lv 95, the price increases from twice the formula for > 90 each time a reset is done

Both stats and skill reset formula is : Price*160/100

You get a free reset at level 99 (both normal and rebirth)

This system can be temporary, if we see abuse before / after war, it can evolve to a more expensive system for 90+.


Location : /navi prontera 170/180

Price : Free (Basic style) Premium : One ticket give access to premium stylist for whole chars of a master account during 7 days after use

Vote NPC

Location : /navi prontera 164/174

Description : You can only vote once per vote and per master account Only admin can add a vote

Universal Rental NPC

Location : /navi prontera 142/177

Description : Rent your peco, falcon or cart here here

Price : Free


Location : Every town

Option : Last warp at first choice

Price : Free

Location : Prontera Alberta Aldebaran Amatsu Ayothaya Comodo Geffen Gonryun Izlude Jawaii Louyang Morroc Payon Yuno